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What's in the (SAMHSA) Box?!

What's in the (SAMHSA) Box?!

Hey, what's that box doing there? You may have noticed a new change in Google's results when searching terms related to addiction treatment. The big SAMHSA National Helpline box. Yet another way Google is pushing down the websites of recovery facilities in their search results.

This change has bumped down listings of rehab & addiction treatment facilities and has placed the SAMHSA National Helpline at the very tip-top of results, as seen in the screenshot below:

SAMHSA Box Google BuzzFactory

Despite the fact SAMHSA is a great organization which has helped a number of individuals struggling with addiction their listings exclude alternative treatment facilities that are religious, progressive and community based.

Another concern with SAMHSA is that calls taken by their helpline are not always with licensed counselors whereas addiction treatment facilities conduct initial phone calls (where personal health questions are often asked) with a licensed professional. SAMHSA's phone lines are also not monitored 24/7 leaving callers without help during a crucial crossroads in the treatment search process.

Although Google means wells by placing resources related to addiction treatment at the top of results it can also serve as a point of confusion for searchers looking for a specific facility or treatment center and undermine the efforts and money spent with Google by facilities to push their site to a top spot in results. 

Google has also implemented a COVID-19 alert box (seen below) at the top of health related searches; also impacting treatment facility searches:

COVID-19 Google Search BuzzFactory

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, treatment facilities have gone to great lengths to put in place many crucial protocols and measures to safely treat patients. Despite these efforts, their search results are being interfered with by Google - making these efforts somewhat futile.

So how can addiction treatment facilities deal with these unfair changes to Google search results?

The best way treatment facilities can deal is by getting their website ranked number one on Google. This way, their website will have a much higher probability of being seen despite the SAMHSA & COVID-19 alert hindrances.

And the best way to get a website ranking #1 is with stellar SEO and content. At BuzzFactory, our clients typically rank on page 1 in the first month of our engagement, depending on the market. BuzzFactory specializes in strategy & marketing for the behavioral health industry. 

In addition to driving your website to a number one spot on Google, BuzzFactory can help with acquiring more leads (ethically), lowering cost per acquisition, and building a scalable business model.

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