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Detox from PPC in 12 Steps

Detox from PPC in 12 Steps

Are you stuck in the painful cycle of PPC? Shelling out more and more of your marketing budget to achieve the same results you used to get for less?

The changes to Google Ads – and Facebook Ads after that – were a gut punch to the behavioral health industry. Operators large and small have struggled to find their footing since. It’s clear that focusing exclusively on PPC is not the answer to a declining census.

But how can you safely detox from your PPC habit and start to heal your marketing and sales funnel?

BuzzFactory takes clients through this process in our Strategy Roadmap workshops. To learn more about how we can help you grow better to help more, schedule a call with our team.

To start on your own, follow these steps.

1. Admit you’ve got a problem.

2. Consider a new plan to restore sanity to your marketing and sales process.

3. Make a decision to stop turning your marketing over to the care of Google.

4. Make a searching and fearless inventory of your business and marketing strategy.

5. Be willing to admit where you’ve gone wrong.

6. Be willing to let go of old marketing techniques that aren’t working.

7. Let the data show you where your strategy is falling short.

8. Make a list of new strategies to help wean you off of PPC. Create a diversified, custom plan incorporating inbound marketing, SEO, and other traditional marketing tactics. 

9. Execute your new strategy alongside your PPC schedule, allowing the organic side to grow in power while you slowly lower your PPC budget.

10. Watch the results and continue to tweak your strategy month-to-month, decreasing your reliance on PPC as you go.

11. Keep an eye on the analytics each month, so you’re confident your marketing plan is working.

12. Continue to grow better, help more!

While it takes time to grow an organic strategy, the results are worth it.

Of course, you’ll get the leads your business needs to thrive. But more importantly, you’ll build a marketing machine that you own – not rent. Your investment will grow more and more powerful each year instead of resetting your account at zero on the first of each month.

To start your PPC Detox, contact us today.

Or in the meantime, check out our ebook on how to survive and thrive in the new era of PPC, by clicking filling out the form below.




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