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The Business of Recovery

A BuzzFactory Blog for the Behavioral Health Industry.
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What's in the (SAMHSA) Box?!

Hey, what's that box doing there? You may have noticed a new change in Google's results when searching terms related to addiction...

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Be Your Own Webmaster! 5 Steps to Control Your Site

Have you ever felt like you don’t know how to make a change on your own website? Or that you’re being held hostage by your web...

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You vs. Who? Identify & Learn from Your Competitors

Talking about your competitors is not usually fun. It can be vulnerable, potentially emotional, and just kind of depressing. 

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SWOT: Why it Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word

Let’s get one thing out of the way: It’s pronounced SWOT, like the Team.

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Core Values: Who Are You, & Why Does It Matter?

In a sea of business theories, core values just might be the most misused and misunderstood.

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Tags: marketing, behavioral health, strategy,

Detox from PPC in 12 Steps
By Melissa Cronin On November 21, 2018

Detox from PPC in 12 Steps

Are you stuck in the painful cycle of PPC? Shelling out more and more of your marketing budget to achieve the same results you...

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BuzzFactory: We’re In Recovery

Some marketing agencies focus on the behavioral health space because they see it as a growing field.

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Why Hire an Agency? Grow Better with BuzzFactory

So you’ve decided it’s time to sharpen your marketing and help your addiction treatment business grow.

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Marketing that Delivers – A BuzzFactory Case Study

One email. 12 deals. $17,000 in added revenue in one month.

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Tags: marketing, inbound marketing, case study

SEO Tips: 5 Ways You're Killing Your Google Search Rank & How to Fix It

Your Google search ranking can make or break your business, but most owners and marketers have no idea how to crack the code.

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Tags: seo, marketing, inbound marketing

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