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Detox from PPC in 12 Steps
By Melissa Cronin On November 21, 2018

Detox from PPC in 12 Steps

Are you stuck in the painful cycle of PPC? Shelling out more and more of your marketing budget to achieve the same results you...

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Tags: seo, ppc, marketing,

Adwords Apocalypse Now: Surviving The Google “Meteorite”

The shifting landscape of the behavioral health industry continues to rock business owners -- and it’s not just small players...

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Tags: ppc, inbound marketing, Google Adwords,

Why Hire an Agency? Grow Better with BuzzFactory

So you’ve decided it’s time to sharpen your marketing and help your addiction treatment business grow.

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Tags: marketing, inbound marketing

Marketing that Delivers – A BuzzFactory Case Study

One email. 12 deals. $17,000 in added revenue in one month.

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Tags: marketing, inbound marketing, case study

SEO Tips: 5 Ways You're Killing Your Google Search Rank & How to Fix It

Your Google search ranking can make or break your business, but most owners and marketers have no idea how to crack the code.

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Tags: seo, marketing, inbound marketing

What the Heck is Inbound Marketing?

The addiction treatment industry has changed drastically in just the last few years. So why are so many businesses still using...

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Tags: seo, ppc, marketing,

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