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BuzzFactory: We’re In Recovery

BuzzFactory: We’re In Recovery

Some marketing agencies focus on the behavioral health space because they see it as a growing field.

For others, it’s an easy spin-off of their work with medical or dental clients.

At BuzzFactory, however, our core focus is helping people grow, heal, and find recovery. For us, it’s not just the latest trend or a new field to test out – it’s our passion.

Why? We’re in recovery as a business, because we’re in recovery as people.

Our leadership team has more than 30 years combined of sobriety. We actively work 12 Step programs and pursue other means of recovery and evolution.

Even the “normies” among us are focused on cultivating growth and health: Bee Healthy is one of our company’s three core values.

This intimate knowledge of recovery can make all the difference for our clients, and here’s how:

Our marketing is laser-focused on the intimate thoughts, needs and desires of your potential leads.

Our recovery network – and referrals network – is robust.

We have a pulse on the industry from a local to national level because it’s not just a business for us – it’s our lives.

To learn how we can help you grow better and help more people find recovery, book a call with us today.

And in the meantime, get a quick refresher on the latest industry developments in our Marketing Mastery series ebook by filling out the form below.


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